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Our City Tour starts with picking you up from your hotel in comfortable SUVs. It is one of the best ways to explore the both historic and glittering side of Dubai.


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Ride the dunes

There are few experiences that are as ‘Dubai’ as the desert safari. Take a backseat  and hold on tight as an experienced driver whips you around the sand dunes, teetering on the edge of seemingly sheer drops, before dipping down sandy slopes and back up again.

Belly Dance

Belly Dance is the identity of Arabic desert safari tours. This is a peculiar dance with cultural references to various countries. It is not just a folk dance, but a performing art of Arab countries. Melodious music numbers fill the atmosphere with mystic feelings and you get mesmerized with the soft and smooth movements of these dancers.


Fire Show

The Fire Dance Shows that you find in Dubai normally include performances by fire dancers, fire breathers, stilt fire performers, and fire twirlers. The artists manoeuvre the flames, manifesting fiery imagery, throwing every spectator into a state of daze. Hold your breath and witness the scintillating performances when the dexterous artists set blazing poetry in motion.


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