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1. Downtown Dubai

Iconic neighbourhood giving impressive and awe-spiring experiences to visitors through its different attractions, restaurants, hotels and the hub of luxury living and lifestyle in Dubai. Downtown Dubai is a hub for all the cuisines, being the top are Zuma for Japanese, Baker and Spice for international cuisine, and Costilla Taco at Maiz Taco Food Truck. Offering a large number of eateries and dining options, this place has become a centre of attraction and a top tourist destination.

2. Meena Bazaar

Put on your shoes and be ready to shop at one of the oldest and busiest places in Dubai where the thousand of shops proffer you with vast categories of fashion and shopping items at negotiable prices. You cannot resist the thriving food culture in Meena bazar where authentic dishes are served using the Indian spices. When here, one gets to taste one of the tastiest and mouth-watering dishes like samosas, bhajis. curries and biryanis at pocket-friendly prices.

3. 2nd December street

Known as Al Diyafah until 2011, the street gets its reference after the declaration signed on December 2, 1971, at the nearby union house and therefore holds historic importance. Watch this place turn into one of the liveliest places after sunset where you get to enjoy the aperitive and savory street food and get a chance to taste the authentic street food in Dubai. At just one dirham you can enjoy the flavorsome piping hot flatbread at the Afghan Hole in the wall bakery, samosas at Satwa palace, explore traditional sweet shops with chocolates, juices and shakes, and numerous other cafes and eateries.

4. Al Karama

Travelling on a budget? This market is going to satisfy all your shopping needs at extraordinary deals in the vibrant market spread with almost 300 shops. the multicultural vibe of this market welcomes you with delicious, lip-smacking and pocket-friendly dishes at the same time. You must try chilli cheese vada pav at chaat bazaar in Al Karama. Being one of the oldest places in Dubai, you will come across a high number of restaurants and other places to eat in Dubai.

5. Al Mateena and Muraqqabat Streets

When hunger strikes drive down to two of Deira’s best eat streets, Al Mateena and Muraqqabat Streets is the place to go as some of the cafes are open 24*7 and ready to serve you best street food in Dubai. Try conventional specialities at different kebab joints, Lebanese bakeries and dessert places at this food central. The place becomes more fascinating for tourists as there are few important landmarks to visit in al Mateena like Sheraton Deira, Renaissance Hotel, Marco Polo Hotel, and Dubai Palm Hotel.

6. Ripe market

Get a vibe of the regular alfresco market at the ripe market which is a platform for small and local businessmen to sell their organic and handcrafted products to the residents and tourists visiting under one roof. Not only the organic fruits and vegetables are sold here but all different kinds of organics like honey, tea, gluten-free foods, eggs, etc are available to choose from. The Melt Room is known for its savory Mac n Cheese, Operation Falafel for Musabbahha, and few other places for shawarmas.

7. Sheikh Zayed Road

Home to most of Dubai neck-cracking skyscrapers running from the emirates tower to Burj Khalifa at a stretch of 55 kilometres. Here you get a wonderful opportunity to experience the home-cooked Emirati food and unique food culture. If you are looking for street food in Dubai at night, then this magnificent place will amaze you with its splendid and exclusive style of trucks aligned serving food from different parts of the world. The egg and cheese feteer at Zaroob and the Chicken drifter at Burger pit are one of the scrumptious dishes found here 24 hours.

8. Bur Dubai and Deira

Dubai Creek is what separates the Bur Dubai and Deira from their physical location. Bur Dubai is the part of old Dubai with a waterfront and enthralling traditional Arabian houses. While exploring the old Dubai you can try various dishes like falafel at Sultan Dubai Falafel, baklava at Al Samadi sweets, few breakfast places around the streets, exceptionally authentic Arabian food and few other places to eat in Dubai. The neighbourhoods of Bur Dubai and Deira are known for their economical and not so fancy restaurants serving food in the traditional style like ‘Dhabas’ and other yummy eats.

9. Satwa

Covered with lively street life, coffee shops, tea houses, and cafes, and other eateries, the Al Satwa is situated near Bur Dubai with busy streets, compact neighbourhood and low rise buildings. Try the famous Kabyan Filipino Cuisine at Ortego’s Grill, manakeesh at Al Mallah and very popular deep-fried samosas at different corners around the street. You would enjoy the lip-smacking south-east Asian and Pakistani cuisines, and exotic street food in Dubai at Al Satwa fast food centres.

10. Global Village /h4>

A leading multicultural family destination with magical entertainment and shopping extravaganza. The unique style of the global village is highlighted by the culture from all over the world joining together and offering millions of guests lifetime experience in Alfresco and distinctive international cuisine. This place has it all, from Indian spicy pani-puri, a skirt burger loaded with cheese, lassi spot to zombie doughnuts. The vast variety of dishes one can find here is endless as this place has hamburgers. Turkish ice cream, hot chips, Karak chai, ramen sushi, thai pie and many more.

11. Jumeirah/h4>

The ideal place for a connoisseur to satisfy their taste buds as there are plenty of different cuisines found here- Italian, Thai, Chinese, Lebanese, Filipino, Nepalese and many more at other places to eat in Dubai. A few top places and their well-liked dishes that you must try when in Al Barsha are koshari at Al Amoor express, Kunafa at Feras Aldiyafa Sweets, and Toshka at Hannouf.

12. Dubai Marina /h4>

Born in Dubai, the Jumeirah gives the most luxurious experience to its guests. Breakfast buffets to select from 40 different restaurants to accessing wild wadi waterpark for thrilling aquatic adventure to zoning out on the public beach area, every bit of it has something great and unique in them. At the public beach, you can not miss out on a few dishes like chebab at Logma, Jamaican mosa at My Mosa, cheese Manakish at Al Reef Lebanese Bakery, chips Oman at HumYum, Shawarma at Eat & drink and many other places to eat in Dubai.