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Why Tour With Us?

You will find HashTag as your reliable and trustworthy destination management company since 2015 in UAE with a team of highly specialised people working around the clock to reward you with a worthy tour.

Safety First

You can be assured of HashTag commitments to your health & safety which is our guiding principle.

Best Guides

Hashtag offers you unique and experienced guides from the pool of the best who takes in every detail and your needs into account.

Emiarti Experience

You will get the best Emirati experiences which are not available on maps but possible in reality.

What we do?


You will spend money on getting good an reliable vehicles owned by Hashtag. Our fine fleet of vehicles will provide you the comfort and luxury you expect. You also can choose a competent professional chauffer who knows UAE in and out as part of your package.



You can go over your plan with us with a fine-tooth comb, to cover all aspects. You will admire our ideas on transport, routes, equipments, documentation, administrative details, protection, security and accommodations. You will have virtually everything that you need for your trip with ease.



Nowadays with a good mobile camera phone, you can take really promising shot and make exciting discoveries memorable. You don’t need to be a technical person to get the best and remarkable photos out from your trip.





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